Reading Sheet Music

Why Reading Sheet Music Is Important

Many people learn the piano without learning how to read sheet music. This is not entirely a problem as they can play beautifully without reading sheet music.

Some people can read cords and play accordingly. Other people play by ear and play beautifully. Piano is a skill and art to learn, it does not matter how you play the piano.

Problems can come in when reading sheet music is not possible. When there is a beautiful piece that you want to learn, or you are playing in an orchestra or a band, reading sheet music for the particular work that is being played becomes essential, to get every note one hundred percent correct.

A good piano teacher will focus on teaching the reading of sheet music so that the skill can be used. The piano teacher will also focus on theory, which is included in reading sheet music. Theory helps you understand the music better and how to use it in different scenarios.

You will find as you play, that regardless of whether you can read the music or not, reading sheet music is an important and useful skill to have when playing the piano.