Music stand tricks

Music Stands can sometimes provide trouble for performers. Especially if they are playing outside and there is a slight breeze that comes up.

How then do you overcome the common problem of a breeze blowing your music off the music stand or turning your pages when you don’t want the pages turned?

Now days, music stands come with clips that can be used to tighten your music sheets and hold them down. However this was not always the case and many musicians still work with older music stands.

There are many solutions to the music stand and music blowing off the music stand. I shall explain two of the most common here.

Solution one: go electronic. These days, music stands are really made well enough to be able to hold a tablet. There are several great programs out there that uses digital music and automatically turns the pages for you on the tablet, or scroll down as we like to say. This eliminates the problem of pages blowing in the wind.

Solution two: use pegs. If you prefer using the music stand the old fashioned way, then get some washing pegs to hold down your pages. The book or pages can be clamped to the music stand and the washing pegs will prevent the music from flying.

I hope these tips of holding down the music stand will help. These are common tricks many musicians use.