Piano Accompaniment Rules

Piano accompaniment – West Rand – Johannesburg

What does it take to hire a piano accompanist and do a music exam? Well, a lot of the effort depends on the musician doing the exam. In the same way, a lot of the effort is the accompanist.

You see, you need to practice for your exam. This involves putting the hours in to make the exam a success. Often, when you hire someone to do piano accompaniment for you, the piano accompanist is already well qualified and well practiced to be able to just site read the music. But, in order for you and the piano accompaniment to work together, you need to know your work well.

In addition to that, you and the piano accompanist will have to practice together for many hours. The reason for this is to get your counting right, to make sure you understand each other and can read each other’s signals. This is very important during an exam.

For piano accompaniment on the West Rand and Johannesburg areas, it’s important not to use a friend, but to use a qualified teacher or someone with a lot of experience. Click here to contact us for piano accompaniment.