Playing piano – Pretoria East

Playing piano – Pretoria East

Playing piano is the basis of all instruments. The piano teaches you the basics of music, it doesn’t matter what instrument you want to eventually master.

Why is this? Why is playing the piano the core and the start of music? Well, to master the piano, you need to be able to know two different clefs (hands), namely the base clef and the treble clef. The piano includes them both. This gives you a broad understanding of musical notes and how they work. If you need to play an instrument in the base clef, knowing the notes that the piano would have taught you would help a huge amount. The same goes for instruments that would have been learned in the treble clef.

Knowing and playing the piano would also help in transposing the notes of music into a different clef. For example, playing a violin and having to read cello music. Playing the piano would have given you a thorough knowledge of the different clefs and you would easily be able to transpose from the one clef to the next.

If this is making no sense, just understand that playing the piano forms the basis of all instruments and music. It is important to get some knowledge of playing the piano before learning the instrument you want to master in.

If playing the piano is something you’d be interested in, our piano teacher in Pretoria East can assist you to learn all about playing the piano. Have a look at our contact page to contact the piano teacher in Pretoria East.