Terms and Conditions

Please see the terms and conditions under which I teach.

LESSON TIMES: Lesson times are to be strictly observed. I do not take responsibility for lessons missed or latecomers. Should you be late for the lesson, it is not my responsibility to make up the lesson. Please remember there are other students who also have lessons scheduled in after you and it is not fair for them to be kept waiting.

LESSONS MISSED: Lessons missed will not be made up / caught up as we are quite full and time is not readily available. Should I be the one to cancel the lesson and not be able to teach, I will catch up the lesson for you by providing another lesson time or teach longer lessons until the time has been made up.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS AND SCHOOL TERMS: There are no lessons on public holidays or during school holidays as my teachers also need a break and as is standard industry practice.

PRACTICE: I require my students to practice faithfully every week. Students who do not practice will not progress as fast as those who do practice and they will stay on the same work week after week until they have managed to master it.

PAYMENT: Payment is a term payment  (school term) and divided into monthly payments to make it easier. Payment is to be made by the 7th of each new month or a full term payment by the 7th of the first month of the new term. Should payment not be made by the appointed time, I reserve the right to terminate or suspend lessons. Should lessons be terminated, I cannot guarantee that the timeslot allocated to you will still be available. Students who have been suspended will have to pay the latest fees to start lessons again regardless of whether they were on a cheaper package before or whether they were paying the previous year’s fees. See the fee schedule for the year. Please also note, no refunds. I reserve the right to increase fees at the start of each new year.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Payment can be made by Cash or EFT.

ACCOUNTS: No accounts.

STATEMENTS: Statements will be provided via sms or email between the 25th and 30th of each month.

TERMINATION: I require 30 days notice of termination in writing via email or sms. Should you not notify me, you will still be liable for that month’s payment. Please note that I do not deem whatsap notifications valid.  Please note that not arriving for lessons without notification does not constitute cancellation on your part. However if a student does not arrive without prior notification I reserve the right to terminate lessons after two consecutive weeks.

OTHER:I will not be held liable for any comments or actions by an external teacher that I send out or provide for my students to learn from.  Gauteng Music is a separate entity and provides teachers, however these teachers do not form a part of Gauteng Music.