Piano lessons – Wilropark


There are many piano lessons being offered in Wilropark and the West Rand areas. But the quality of the lessons isn’t always what you might like. It is important to determine ahead of time what kind of piano lessons you require before you contact a teacher in the Wilropark area.

For example,  do you want a teacher that will provide lessons in the basics of the piano such as playing without music, or do you want a teacher that will teach you how music works, how to read the notes and play the piano at the same time?

Our teaching hours are from 8am to 6pm, but we do have a piano teacher who can teach after hours too. We also have a travelling piano teacher for those living in the Wilropark area but can’t bring their children for piano lessons.

For more about the fees for piano lessons, please click here.

The piano lessons include:

– Learning the basics of the piano

– Learning how to read music

– Learning how to write music

– Learning technique

– How to play and site read

– Theory

So for more information about the piano lessons in the Wilropark area, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here.