Piano Lessons – West Rand


When looking for piano lessons, specifically on the West Rand, you need to consider the following. Have I got experience? Have I not got any experience? Do I want a teacher that will teach me everything or just how to simply play the piano?

We provide piano lessons on the West Rand for beginners to intermediate. School children and adults are both welcome.

Amongst the things that you will learn from our piano lessons are the following:

– The Basics of the piano

– Musical notes

– Theory

– Terminology

– Playing Pieces

– Site- Reading

– Technique

The piano lessons that we teach will enable you to be able to play at any time, anywhere. You will be able to sit down and read a piece of music and play it. Exams are also optional.

The Piano lessons are based on the West Rand, close to the Wilropark and Kenmere areas.

Click here to see the cost of piano lessons, payable at the start of the month. There is one piano lesson per week.

To find out more or contact me about attending piano lessons on the West Rand, click on this link or give me a call on 0722252406