Piano lessons – Ruimsig – Rangeview


We provide piano lessons in the Ruimsig, Rangeview area. Whether you are a working mom, not able to take your children to piano lessons, or you are an adult wanting to do piano lessons but work full time, we can help you.

We have a traveling piano teacher who can provide lessons at your home, you can come to me or if you work until five,  We can help you until 8pm with piano lessons.

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Our piano lessons will teach you everything from the basics of the piano to the more complicated stuff. How to read, play and write music at a performer’s level.

For wanting to know just the basics which needs a firm foundation in understanding how music works to being a performer and playing on a stage, the theory and understanding of music is important. You cannot drive a car without understanding that it needs petrol. In the same way, you cannot play piano without understanding how it works.

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