Piano Lessons Krugersdorp


I provide piano lessons in Krugersdorp. The lessons that I teach are private lessons, one on one. Therefore, you can have my full attention when you come for piano lessons.

I am based on the border of Krugersdorp and Roodepoort and cater piano lessons for both areas.

The level that I teach is beginner to intermediate. Therefore, if you have never learned how to play or you have played a little bit before, you are welcome to come to me for lessons.

Click here to see the monthly cost for piano lessons in Krugersdorp, payable at the beginning of the month. It is non refundable.

I teach everything from how to play, technique, site-reading, playing pieces, and theory to reading notes. Also playing by ear. So if you need to know how to play piano, come for lessons in Krugersdorp.

For more information about the piano lessons in Krugersdorp, please feel free to call me on 0722252406 or contact me by clicking on this link.