Piano Lessons in Witpoortjie


I am a piano teacher providing piano lessons in the Witpoortjie area, specializing in teaching beginner to intermediate learners how to play the piano.

Amongst the things that I teach are the following:

– Theory

– Basics of the piano

– How to read music

– How to write music

– How to play the music that you read

– How to write music

– Site Reading

– Technique

I try my best to teach the piano pupil to come away having a fresh and thorough understanding of how to play the piano. If a thorough education in piano has not been given, then piano lessons means nothing and the student can’t play properly. At my piano lessons you will learn everything you need to know about how to play at a performer’s level.

For more information or to contact me for piano lessons in the Witpoortjie area, please contact me by clicking on this link.

For a list of the fees for piano lessons, please click here.