Piano Lessons in Roodepoort

Animation_bannerPiano lessons in Roodepoort is provided by me. I provide piano lessons for beginners to intermediate where you will learn all the basics of music.

The piano lessons will teach you how to read music notes, how to play the piano, how to site-read, technique, theory, playing by ear and much more. I focus on those things that will enable you to sit down and play anywhere at any time.

The piano lessons in Roodepoort is located on the border of Roodepoort and Krugersorp, close to the Wilropark area.

Click here to see the fees for piano lessons, non refundable, payable at the start of the month for the month. For that, you get one piano lesson per week from me after which I expect you to go home and practice what you have learned so that you can make progress.

For more information about piano lessons in Roodepoort, please call me on 0822979137 or click here to contact me via the website.