Piano Lessons in Florida and Discovery

Animation_bannerPiano lessons in the Florida and Discovery areas are possible! We teach piano lessons on the West Rand. There aren’t many teachers offering lessons in these areas, but we do!

Unfortunately, sometimes finding a good teacher that you are happy with means that you need to do a little bit of travelling. In other cases, the teacher can come to you. We have a piano teacher who gives piano lessons in the Florida and Discovery areas and the teacher is willing to travel should the situation be such that the student is unable to have lessons unless the teacher travels.

Our piano lessons that cater for our Florida and Discovery students contains everything from the basic beginner level of how a piano works, how to read music, how to write music and play music to the more advanced performers level.

For more information on the Piano lessons for Florida and Discovery, please feel free to contact me by clicking on this link. A list of my fees are also available by clicking here.