Piano Lessons at your home – West Rand Only


We provide a piano lesson service that sends a teacher to your home, provided that you are based on the West Rand or close by. This service is specifically designed for children of parents who cannot bring the children to lessons because of work requirements. 

The piano lessons are taught at your home for ages 5 or 6 to 18 years of age. There, your child will learn how to read and write music, play music at performers level and even go in for Unisa Music Exams per choice.

The piano lessons based at your home on the West Rand will enable the child to progress at his or her own pace, in an environment that is comfortable for him or her.

For a list of our prices for piano lessons at home, please click on this link.

To contact us for more information on this offer of piano lessons from your own home, please click here to contact us.